Austin Water Utility Changes Will Affect How We Design Detached Condo Regime

One thing is for sure – it never gets boring. Reversing a policy that dates back almost 15 years, AWU is rethinking whether detached condo regime utilities should be private or public.  In fact, their new default position is “private”, with a master meter at the point of service off the public line.  The exception to this would be if the AWU system needs the facilities to be public to benefit their overall grid, which would be indicated at the time a Service Extension Request was considered.   Wastewater would follow suit with water – if water is public, so would be wastewater.  This policy change won’t be put into the Utility Criteria Manual as AWU would like to maintain flexibility.  For example, if for some reason it just doesn’t make sense for a home owners association to own and maintain the facilities, AWU will maintain flexibility to consider those instances on an individual basis.  Our recommendation – file your SER way ahead of time, and schedule an appointment with AWU to discuss how you should plan your on-site utilities if there is any doubt.

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