Easton Park Master Planned Community, SE Travis County, Texas

Beginning in 2008 and throughout the creation of the five Municipal Utility Districts and the approval of the Planned Unit Development (PUD) zoning through the City of Austin in December 2015, Peggy served as the developer’s engineer for the entitlement of the 2200-acre mixed-use development. This included the planning and negotiation of major on- and off-site utilities, as well as modification of City code in order to set development regulations for the site. She continued to act as the developer’s engineer through development of the first several subdivision phases until June 2016 when she formed Kitchen Table Civil Solutions. Jonathan was the project manager and sealing engineer for the design of the first three subdivisions within the community prior to joining Kitchen Table Civil Solutions. Kitchen Table is now engaged in the design of two subdivisions within the Easton Park Master Planned Community.

Easton Park is a mixed use community comprised of ±2200 acres west of Hwy 183 south of the Bergstrom Airport. The project area is divided among five Municipal Utility Districts, and lies within the limited purpose annexation area of the City of Austin. Planned Unit Development zoning has been put into place. As the project does not lie within the full purpose jurisdiction of the City of Austin, development permits must be processed through both the City and County staff for review and approval.